At AddoAesthetics we have a vision to elevate the spa industry as a whole.  To achieve that vision we provide in-person and on demand trainings to multiple segments of the spa industry.  We are proud to specialize in methods of increasing retail sales and  retail strategy development, patient communication techniques for front office staff and aestheticians, as well as social media and content marketing strategy for medical aesthetic practices. 


Solo Aestheticians & Spa Owners

AddoAesthetics offers a wide variety of business, sales, and marketing training that is on demand and digital, designed specifically for solo aestheticians and DIY spa owners who are looking to attract new clients and take their business to the next level. 


Medical Aesthetic Practices

Retail sales are a vital part of your profit margin in a medical aesthetic practice.  We offer in-person and live video training for aestheticians and front office staff that will help bring the average retail-to-service percentage up to 20% or higher.


Cosmeceutical Brands

Daniela has worked with multiple physician-dispensed skincare brands to develop extensive training programs for aestheticians as well as share insight on branding and positioning of major product launches and evaluate current product offerings.  

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