How to Create a Follow Up Protocol

Apart from home care product sales, following up with your clients/patients is one of the largest "areas of opportunity" that I see as I travel across the country to train and speak at different spas.  I often say that the fortune is in the follow up and it is so true! 

The textbook Marketing Metrics says "It is 50% easier to sell to an existing customer than a new customer" which goes to show that we need to be maintaining strong relationships with our clients/patients who have already come in to see us - and keep them coming in rather than spending so much time, money, and energy on attracting new clients. 

New clients are important, and we have to continue to grow our businesses, but the way I like to do it is by taking such great care of my current patients that they become part of my marketing team; recommending their friends and family to see me. 

So with so much to do in day, how do you make sure that you're following up with patients at the right time and not letting anyone fall through the cracks?  Well, you have to have a protocol in place; a system that you follow throughout the year to consistently check in with your patient and their needs. 

When creating a protocol I suggest that you actually write it out, print it, and keep it in a book - even if you are a solo aesthetician working for yourself.  Each action step should be listed out.  

Be sure to answer all of the following questions:

When do you follow up with a patient/client who has been in for a treatment? 

How do you follow up with them? Email? Phone? Hand written note? 

How will you keep track of the patients/clients who have not been in for a treatment in 3 or more months? 6 months?  1 year? 

How will you track your communication with them?  

How will you hold yourself accountable? 

These are all important questions to answer when creating and putting a protocol into place.  It can certainly be a bit more work upfront but I promise that writing out protocols and sticking to them will absolutely help your business to thrive. 

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