5 Free Ways to Market Your Business

We have been talking all about marketing the past few weeks and I came across a great article on Medium by Roberto Blake titled 100+ Ways of Marketing Yourself & Your Business With No Budget. 

There were so many great ideas in that article but I want to take 5 of them and apply them to the spa world.  I'll list my 5 favorites below. 

1. Offer to be a speaker at local colleges or other events. 

Why is this such a great idea for aestheticians?  Well, it is going to instantly increase your credibility and position yourself as a leader in the industry.  It will also give you great content to post on your website or social media accounts, again establishing yourself as an expert in your field. 

2. Create a sales force by offering a commission structure.

Your commission structure can be trade based or referral based.  Why not build relationships with other health and beauty pros and create referral relationships with them?  Hair Stylists and Nail Techs are great to partner with.  Not only do they have established relationships with their clients, they have the luxury to talk with them the entire time! 

3. Offer free monthly webinars using YouTube/Google Hangouts on Air. 

This is a great way to reach your target audience.  Say you're an aesthetician who is really into the holistic aspect of things and you love talking about nutrition.  You could do monthly hangouts that are focused on a specific topic.  For example, one month could be gluten and the skin followed by Q&A, the next month could be on sugar, superfoods - whatever topic you want to discuss.  I would keep it specific and remember that you want to be talking to your ideal customer. 

4. Build out your LinkedIn profile visually and use that to make it more interesting and attractive. 

I LOVE LinkedIn.  It has been a huge revenue driver for the consulting side of my business.  It also is amazing for SEO.  With the amount of content that I publish on my website and social media accounts, if you google me, my LinkedIn profile is still the first to come up.  

So how does a LinkedIn profile help you if you're working as an aesthetician and not a consultant?  It can help you to find referral relationships, business opportunities, new employment, and more.   Publishing posts can also establish you as an expert in your field and get you more exposure.  If you're interested you can check out my profile HERE.

5. Create images of testimonials from satisfied customers or clients, or even ask them to send in short videos for you to post. 

In the original post, Roberto is suggesting this for Instagram but you can easily apply it to all of your social media accounts and even your website.  We live in a society where people make decisions on products and services based off of reviews and testimonials.  Why not let your satisfied clients sing your praises?  

Marketing yourself and your business is something we all have to do but it doesn't have to break the bank.  Get creative.  Put yourself out there.  You'll do great! 

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