Why Systems Are Important

I am so excited to share this video interview that I did with my business coach Mallie Rydzik - she is The Systems Scientist!  She helps businesses put systems into place so that they can run more efficiently and lessen the possibility for human error.  

I was lucky enough to meet her at a networking event an knew there was something special about her right away.  She has been a tremendous help in my business, which is growing at a very rapid rate, and so I wanted to be sure to have Mallie share some of her insight with you.  


Having systems in place is really important in any industry.  Systems make business operations run smoothly and lower the potential for human error.  We  have protocols for treatments so why don't we have protocols for our day to day business operations?  

My take away from this very brief interview was that technology is a great resource to help run your business more efficiently and market for you while you're working on clients.  

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