Dry, Dehydrated, Winter Skin? Try the BioCellulose Mask by SkinCeuticals.

For a large portion of my life I lived in Hawaii.  Of course I would miss my family and friends when I moved to the mainland and I knew I was in for a shock dealing with winter in New England (the things you do for love!) What I did not expect was what seemed like 10 years of aging that happened overnight! This is exactly what I experienced when I left the moist tropical paradise of Hawaii for the cold and dry winter in Boston.  My skin was not happy!  It was dry and rough and all of a sudden I had tons of fine lines that were never there before!

The product regimen that I had been on for years was no longer working for me.  I needed more hydration and fast.  As an aesthetician, I view my skin as my own personal advertisement of my abilities and knowledge of skincare.  How could I treat people and give them advice when my skin was in need of some serious help?

I switched to a more hydrating moisturizer and added a hyaluronic acid serum.  It helped but my skin was still not where it was before.  That is, until I discovered the BioCellulose Mask from SkinCeuticals.  It was created as a treatment for post-procedure skin (laser or chemical peels) but it can also be used as a bi-weekly replenishing treatment.  If you have been trained in or received a MicroPeel by SkinCeuticals you should be familiar with this wonderful product.  The secret of these masks are the “unique fibers that distribute heat-reducing water to the disrupted barrier, alleviating discomfort and providing immediate relief.”  

I decided that I was going to create my own treatment plan and used one mask a week for 6 weeks.  I used the masks at night and began my treatment by cleansing my skin and applying 3 drops of B5 Gel and 3 drops of Phyto Corrective Gel both by SkinCeuticals.  Next, I applied the mask and let it work its magic for 30 minutes.  After removing the mask, I applied my eye cream and evening moisturizer.  In the morning, I would not cleanse, but simply used a gentle toner to wipe off the excess oil and then applied my daily products.  At the end of the six weeks, I was looking more and more like myself and I attribute that to the BioCellulose Mask.  

To my fellow aestheticians - What have to done to treat dry, dehydrated, winter skin?  Share your answers in the comments below.