Do It Anyway

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I was at the Women Leading the Future conference hosted by Ladies America and the founder, Lindsay Mask, opened and closed the conference with this poem by Mother Teresa.  I teared up at the close because I knew that this was the exact idea I had been trying to share with others over the years but could never articulate the exact words.   

As an aesthetician, the most fulfillment I get from seeing patients is not from actually doing the work; it's from clearing up someones acne and seeing the new found confidence in that person.  Seeing the way they hold their head higher and are OK to wear their hair back and show their face proudly.  

As a trainer, it's not passing the knowledge of how to perform a skill or a new treatment - it is empowering women to know what they are truly capable of.  Watching them blossom as they begin to understand what a truly amazing being they are. 

When my husband was at MIT I started a health and beauty group at the school.  I was shocked how many beautiful and highly intelligent women dressed themselves down and avoided make-up  so they would not stand out as female in their male dominated fields. I didn't start the group to teach them how to do a winged liner, I started the group to tell them it's OK to be you.  

Most recently, as a military spouse, I have met so many women who have given up their careers to meet the needs of their husbands.  They are discouraged by the constant moving, often times overseas.  I haven't found my platform to reach the spouse community yet but when I do, I am going to tell those who want a career and are feeling discouraged to do it anyway.  

We all have a purpose, a mission in life.  Something that drives us.  Figure out what that is and you've got your key to success.  In my business, I show women how to make more money by increasing retail and service sales.  What I am actually doing is helping them to understand their greatness and how through authenticity and education you can achieve anything. 

Thank you for being a part of this community and for sharing your gifts with the world. 

With so much gratitude, 

Daniela XO