3 Reasons Why Podcasting is a Great Marketing Tool. Bonus - It's Free!

In today's world, with the power of the internet we thankfully do not have to spend massive amounts of money to market ourselves and our businesses.  In fact, podcasting is an often time free way for you to spread the word about your passions and beliefs relating to your business (or anything else you want to talk about!).  

If you're not familiar with podcasting, it's like a radio talk show that usually focuses on a specific topic or idea.  Lewis Howes has a popular podcast called The School of Greatness where he interviews entrepreneurs and other inspiring people.  It's one of my favorites. 

So how does this help me as a health & beauty professional? 

I'm glad you asked!  Let me share 3 ways podcasting can help market your business.

  1. Being a guest on a podcast is a quick, fun, and easy (and free) way to reach a new audience.  You have the opportunity to share your skills and knowledge to a very specific demographic.  For example, perhaps your ideal clients are athletes and you're looking to build your Laser Hair Removal or Waxing business.  Seek out any podcast that is focused on running, swimming, high endurance sports, or healthy living.  Go on the show and talk about the increased performance and time saved by having these services.  Voila!  You're speaking directly to your ideal client! 
  2. Media exposure, whether through radio, podcasting, blogging, or television helps to position yourself as an expert in the field; an industry leader.  Positioning yourself as an expert is crucial in our industry.  If you're a client searching for an aesthetician in your area and this one name keeps popping up in blogs, podcasts, perhaps even on the local news - are you going to go to her or are you going to trust whomever the spa puts you with? 
  3. Building business relationships and expanding your network are always good things, regardless of the industry you're in.  When you're seeking out podcast hosts to be guests on their shows you're forming relationships with them.  Nurture those relationships, help them out whenever you can, and you never know what will come out of it.  They may end up being a significant referral source for you.  

You can check out my most recent podcast guest appearance on The Off Road Millennial here.  

Interested in starting your own podcast?  There are tons of free resources out there that will walk you through it step by step.  Amy Porterfield is one of my favorites and I've included a link to her step by step instructions below. 


With so much gratitude, 

Daniela XO