Creative Marketing for Aestheticians

One of the most common discussion threads in the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group is marketing.  

How do I attract more clients?

How do I fill my book? 

How do I get busier?

These are all common questions and concerns for an aesthetician - especially if you're going out on your own.  You're motivated and totally passionate about skincare but nothing seems to be bringing people in the door.  

Perhaps you're even at the point where you're considering to deeply discount the price of your services just so you can make ends meet?  Well don't do that just yet.  At least give an honest effort to a little something that I like to call Creative Marketing.  

Traditional Marketing, which I categorize as newspaper, magazines, radio, and television simply don't work in the spa industry.  You end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on these things that end up just being noise to the consumer - your potential client.  

Creative Marketing on the other hand, focuses on relationship building, networking, and word of mouth referrals.  

Our industry, more so than many others, is about connection.  

Think about it. Our clients come to us and share the things they don't like about themselves; unwanted hair, acne, brown spots, or even simply just feeling old.  They are opening up and being vulnerable to us, so there clearly has to be a relationship based on trust as a foundation. 

Creative Marketing starts to establish that trust from the very beginning because it is based on relationships in the first place.  When I fine tuned this method of marketing back in 2012, I went from brand new to booked in just over three months! 

It was a lot of work - I don't want to imply that Creative Marketing is some sort of secret sauce because it's not - but what it is, is a low cost and highly effective way to build your business in a relatively short amount of time. 

The concept behind Creative Marketing is that you build strategic business partnerships with other businesses that serve your ideal client and offer an incentive for them to refer that client to you.  

I am offering a free webinar on Creative Marketing where I will walk you through the exact process and strategy I used with great success.  The webinar is on Saturday, January 23rd at 11:00AM EST.  There will be replay up for 48 hours available to all who register for the free training. 


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Have you used Creative Marketing to build your spa business?  Let me know in the comments section how it has worked for you!