The Aesthetic Experts Club

When I started AddoAesthetics back in December of 2014, I was very clear on my mission; I wanted to do my part to elevate the industry because I could not accept (and still don't!) that the average aesthetician in the United States only makes $30K per year.  

I started out consulting, forming partnerships, and speaking for large product companies like SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals, Sente, and ISClinical.  I do enjoy that work very much, but I kept feeling like I wasn't connecting with the aestheticians on the deep level that I wanted to.  That desire for a deeper connection ultimately led to the creation of the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group.  

In just a few short months we grew to over 3,000 members and counting and I am SO proud to say that it truly is a space of knowledge, community, and support.  I finally had that connection I was looking for.  I started hosting webinars and launched my 8 week program, the Thriving Aestheticians Masterclass, and couldn't be more proud of what the students have accomplished.  

After the first round of students made it through the program, I realized there was so much more I wanted to give.  The Thriving Aestheticians Masterclass is a well laid out roadmap to build a thriving career, but it's an 8-week program and you can only fit so much content into a course of that length.  I realized that if I added all of the content I wanted to, it would turn into a year long program in a heartbeat!

That's when the idea for The Aesthetic Experts Club came in.  Why not create hyper-focused courses with actionable steps, relevant to our industry for a low monthly fee?  Perhaps you want to create beautiful graphics for your Social Media accounts but don't know where to begin or you're curious about what it would take to move into medical aesthetics?  Maybe you you're looking for a crash course in common skincare ingredients.  The Aesthetic Experts Club is for you!

Let me give you the details. 

AEC Members Enjoy Access To:
Bundles: Each month a new course bundle is released. Topics range from product knowledge, treatment knowledge, and of course business building.

Resources: Access to my webinar vault so you never have to worry about missing the replay again! You’ll also enjoy exclusive interviews and masterclasses with industry experts.

Facebook Group: Access to our private Facebook group where I’m on tap to answer your questions plus you’ll have access to a global community of spa industry professionals! Who you know matters…

Examples of Bundle Topics Include:
The Branding Bundle
The Success Bundle
The Common Skincare Ingredients Bundle
The Retail Rockstar Bundle
The Laser Bundle
The Moving Into Medical Bundle
And so much more!

I'd love to have you in the club.  Why don't you join today?