AquaGold at Serenity Zone Med Spa

Microneedling has been getting a lot of attention in our industry over the past few years, and with good reason.  It's a treatment that provides noticeable results with minimal downtime.  AquaGold is a company that has advanced microneedling to a new level with the development of the AquaGold Fine Touch and what they are referring to as micro-channeling technology.  

The patented device is designed to deliver bioactive compounds into the skin but does so by creating micro-channels thinner than a human hair.  This technology allows you to apply and infuse products without causing any of the common complications associated with other needling techniques.  

Check out this video of Dr. Michael Gold demonstrating the AquaGold fine touch using Belotero at Maui Derm 2015.  If you keep an eye on the background during the first part of the video you'll catch a glimpse of yours truly :) 

I've been really intrigued by this treatment and it's growth over the past few years and wanted to try it out for myself.  I headed over to Serenity Zone Med Spa in Olney, Maryland to have a treatment by the very lovely Melinda, who is a Nurse Practitioner there.   Melinda took the time to analyze my skin and decided that using a combination of Belotero and Xeomin in the AquaGold Fine Touch would be best to address fine lines and smooth my skin. 

The treatment truly was painless.  The only time I noticed a very small amount of discomfort was on the forehead and it truly was minimal.  I noticed the changes in my skin about a week later; it was a subtle change but certainly was more smooth.  

Here is a short video of Melinda performing the treatment on me. 

Now I want to hear from you.  Is this treatment being performed in your office?  What are your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments section below.