Running a Holistic Business with Jaya Savannah

Depending on the type of aesthetic practice you work in, “holistic” may not be a term you hear very often, especially if most of your experience lies in the realm of medical aesthetics like mine.

No matter how familiar you are with holistic practices in the spa industry, I know you’ll find today’s Q&A  with Holistic Business Guru, Jaya Savannah, to be valuable one!  

In case you aren’t familiar with her, Jaya spent many years honing in and developing her expertise as a licensed aesthetician operating as a salon manager and a solo practitioner. Now she has made the switch to strategy coaching and consulting for holistic-minded entrepreneurs with her business Jaya Savannah International where she operates as the Chief Inspiration Officer.

In our Q&A, Jaya tells the story of how she made the switch from salon manager to coach and explained not only what it means to be a holistic aesthetic expert, but also gives her best bits of advice for any aestheticians looking to build or grow a holistic practice.

As Jaya says, “Your business is holistic. Your strategy should be too,” and she’s always giving away her best insights and advice through free trainings, webinars, and video series, so make sure to connect with her at  

And as I mentioned in the Q&A, Jaya is a member of the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group, so be sure to get involved in the conversations happening there. You never know who you’ll connect with and how you’ll be able to help each other thrive!

Finally, I would love to know if you’re a holistic aesthetician and why you chose that field within the aesthetics industry. Let me know in the comments!