You've Just Graduated, Now What?

So, you’ve just graduated from aesthetics school and you’re ready to jump right into your career as an aesthetician.  Well before you do that, let me give you a little piece of advice:

Start building your network right now.

Regardless of which of the many paths you may choose to explore in this wonderful industry the one thing that is universal is that we need a strong network to truly thrive in our careers.

In today’s technology-driven age, it is important for any professional to understand the value in face-to-face networking.  No longer is it simply about who you know; it’s about how you can use your network to better serve your clients and grow your business.  

In the spa industry, this concept can be beneficial in many ways. Being a successful networker is not something that happens by simply opening a LinkedIn account or keeping your Facebook company’s page updated.  Face-to-face communication in the form of small networking communities will help you achieve the success your company is striving for. 

A valuable part of any aesthetician’s community is creating relationships with other industry professionals, from hair stylists, to nail technicians, to plastic surgeons, to cosmetic nurses.  Finding opportunities to meet with such professionals in small, personalized settings will allow you to thrive as a networker.

Taking your networking to the next step by joining intimate events in the industry will help expand your business in many ways.  Not yet convinced?  Here is how networking events will enhance your business in the health and beauty industry:

Creating Referral Relationships

One great way to grow your business is through referral relationships, which can be achieved through networking with other professionals who are not necessarily aestheticians, but involved in other aspects of the industry. 

For example, at a small networking event, you might meet a salon owner who wants to partner hair styling with aesthetician work.  By creating a relationship, each of you brings your own customers to the partnership, expanding the preexisting client base that you already have.  Your client list grows, and you are able to offer a service to your customers that you hadn’t been able to previously, which makes you more valuable to those you serve.

Being More Informed Regarding Industry Trends

You might feel like you have a solid understanding of industry trends for aestheticians; however, meeting new people from other areas of the spa industry will make you realize that staying up-to-date doesn’t just apply to your own, individual field.  Networking with other professionals will help open your eyes and broaden your perspective. 

You might learn valuable tips from other aestheticians, or you may glean knowledge of industry trends from nail technicians and spa directors that can be applied to your own practice.  In staying connected, you will be able to serve your clients in a more meaningful way.

Expanding Who Sees Your Business

The more people who know about what you do, the wider network you will create.  Attending events will allow you to put not only your name on the map, but your company’s as well.  Making lasting impressions on individuals through intimate networking events will help others remember who you are, what you do, and how you can be of service to those that they work with.  By putting your business, and yourself out there, you are attaching a face to the name, which people will remember.

Opening Yourself Up to Future Opportunities

You never know what opportunity might arise from a networking event.  You never know which individuals you might encounter.  You never know how these individuals might provide unique opportunities for your business.  Putting yourself and your company out on a limb might seem nerve-wracking at first, but the possibilities for new opportunities are endless. 

By taking the next step in your networking practice, you are opening the doors to the future of your business.

Artist Henry Hartman’s comment, “success is when preparation and opportunity meet” is an indicator of what it takes to achieve prosperity in any facet of life.  When it comes to business, networking successfully means being prepared to seize opportunities. 

You are entering a wonderful industry that is filled with opportunity.  Make sure you’re doing what it takes to meet those opportunities and create your own success and the best place to start is right at the beginning.