Canva: A Must-Add to Your Aesthetician Marketing Toolbox

What’s your biggest struggle with marketing and branding?

For many of us aestheticians, one of the answers to that question is probably design.

You could be great at coming up with fun promotions and specials, or writing snappy social media updates, but when it comes to designing graphics, well, you wish you had a pro.

I totally understand that feeling, but thankfully I’ve found a tool that acts as my personal graphic designer, and it only requires a little effort and learning.

It’s even free! So if your business is on a budget, there’s no reason not to be using this tool to make better graphics.

After all, visuals are the most crucial aspect of creating a consistent brand and also catching eyes as people scroll endlessly on social media.

Today I’m going to be walking you through how to make a Facebook post on Canva along with some additional details about this tool that I know you’ll love.

Click the video below to watch! 

What do you think? Doesn’t Canva seem so much easier than other dated programs you might have been using?

It’s definitely better than grabbing pictures off of Google search, not only because that can get you in trouble for abusing copyright laws, but you’re also creating consistent visuals that are specifically made for your brand and your audience.

Be sure to let me know how you like Canva in the comments and if you have any questions about Canva for Work!