The Top 5 Habits of Successful and Thriving Aestheticians

The Top 5 Habits of Successful and Thriving Aesthetician

A phrase you’ll consistently hear me say is that you create your own success, and I wholeheartedly believe that.

Over the course of my career and in growing AddoAesthetics, I’ve been blessed to have met and had conversations with aestheticians from all over the United States. And although I’ve talked with aestheticians with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and goals, I’ve noticed quite a few similarities between those who are thriving in our industry.

Five to be exact.

1.) They Know Their Definition of Success

To one aesthetician, success may mean bringing in a certain amount of money each month. To another, success may mean earning a livable wage while only working three days a week so they can spend more time with family.

There is no right or wrong answer - it’s simply something that you define for yourself. However, if you don’t have your own definition at all, you’ll never reach the finish line. There will always be something else to work toward until you’ve finally “made it” in our industry, and that constant struggle of never feeling successful can be very discouraging.  

So, if you don’t have a clear idea of how you define success for yourself, I encourage you to take a moment and write out your vision of your ideal job situation.

How much money are you making every month? How many days are you working? What type of treatments are you doing? Get as clear as possible and visualize yourself in that position. Once you have a clear idea of where you want to be and what success looks and feels like for you, you can start to make a plan to get there!

2.) They Plan

Secondary to having a clear definition of what success means for you, if you don’t have a plan, you’re never going to fulfill that definition. Creating your own success is about being proactive in your choices and actions rather than reactive and always operating from behind.

For example, I’m a total planner - in fact, some of the members of the AddoAesthetics team have labeled me a pre-crastinator (which I welcome and consider a compliment). I have an 18-month plan for my business which is then broken down into quarters. Each quarter my team and I get super detailed on what needs to happen to reach our long-term goals. That long-range planning is a big part of how I’ve created my own success.  

Now I’m not saying you need to plan 18 months into the future because that may seem overwhelming to start with, so just start with planning one month in advance.

In last week's blog post, we sent out a free productivity planner for aestheticians to help you set goals for the month and break them down into actionable steps. That’s a great place to start, and you can download it here.

3.) They Don’t Let Bumps in the Road Steer Them Off Course

If anyone ever tells you that their 18-month plan goes completely according to plan, they’re lying. Situations change. Markets change. Goals change. Life happens.  

Your job as an entrepreneur in the spa industry is to be like bamboo - strong and flexible. Keep your end goal in mind along with the action steps that you need to get there, but if something comes up that simply doesn’t work with your plan anymore, don’t be afraid to change it.  

You’ll never be able to foresee and prepare for everything that pops up, for example, promotions or hosting an event that 's not a glowing success.

Learn to follow your intuition and not let one bad event or promotion define you or your business. Keep your wits about you and know that external forces shouldn’t change the version of success you want to create for yourself.

4.) They Push Themselves Outside of Their Comfort Zone

This is a BIG one. Creating your own success is not a cake walk. If it were, everyone would be happy, fulfilled, and thriving in their careers. And as beautiful as that sounds, it’s simply not the case.  

Sometimes to reach big goals you have to take significant risks and that means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Going to networking events, speaking publicly, putting yourself out there to promote your business; these are all things that can feel incredibly uncomfortable but can have an enormous impact on your growth.   

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Listen to her.

5.) They Never Stop Learning

The fifth habit of successful aestheticians is that they never stop learning!  Our industry changes by leaps and bounds so quickly that we have to educate ourselves on the changes in technology continuously.

In fact, I recently took a job as an aesthetician at Healy Plastic Surgery two days a week for this very reason. Since starting AddoAesthetics, I have been very much involved in the business side of things in our industry, but I had not had my hands on a client for about 2 ½ years.  I felt like I was slowly losing touch, so I went back to practicing, and I've already learned how to perform three new services in the short two months that I’ve been there.  

Books, webinars, workshops and industry publications are all great ways to continue learning and stay on top of trends in our industry.

Remember, the minute you think that you know everything there is to know about this amazing industry is the moment that you will fail. That’s why successful aestheticians never stop learning.  

Speaking of learning opportunities…

I’m hosting a free training on The ADDO Method to Gain and Retain Clients on January 23rd at 9:00 AM Hawaii/ 11:00 AM Pacific/ 2:00 PM Eastern.  I’m going to be sharing how I’ve used this method in the past with great success as well as how I’m using it right now to fill my books at Healy Plastic Surgery.  

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