How to Make Your Social Media Efforts Work for Your Spa

In this day and age, where word-of-mouth is spread primarily through screens and thumbs, using social media to promote your spa isn’t an option. 
If you want to connect with more prospective clients, maintain relationships with your current clientele, and continuously increase the exposure of your brand, you need to have a social media presence. 
But don’t take that to mean that you need to be on every platform.

Nope, when it comes to social media, you’re far better off working smarter and not harder, or in other words, strategically. 
Here’s where to start when creating a strategic social media plan to market your spa:

Narrow Down and Choose Your Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat…and those are just the main platforms; new ones are popping up every day. 
If you were to try to maintain a social media presence on all those platforms, you wouldn’t see the payoff or experience a successful return on your time investment because you’ll spread yourself too thin. 
Not to mention, you don’t need to be on all those platforms. Your ideal audience most likely only spends time on two to three of them. 
So, that means you need to do some research and find out the top two platforms your audience spends time on, then invest the majority of your online time and energy there. 

By focusing on those two leading platforms, you can maintain a consistent effort to grow your online community, drive traffic to your website, and convert those followers and web visitors into paying clients. 
Then you can move into a third or fourth platform once you’ve gotten a grasp on the first two, but no need to rush it. 

Create a System

One of the biggest missteps a business can make on social media is keeping up with their social media channels day-to-day, which usually leads to inconsistent posting frequency and mediocre content at best. 
When it comes to consistently creating and sharing quality content whether that be images, blog posts, videos, or a combination of those pieces, you need a system. And one of the best systems to follow is batching. 
Batching is when you dedicate a particular time to one task. So, for example, you might decide to batch your content creation so that you spend four hours once per month creating the content you need for your social media in the next month. 
Batching your content creation also requires having a mapped out plan of how many posts you need for each platform per week and what text and images you need so you know precisely how much material you need to create. 
Finally, one of the last pieces of your system is a scheduling tool, some to look into are Buffer, Hootsuite, or Edgar. 
Once you've batch created your content, you can then batch upload and schedule your posts so that once you set it, you can forget it! Well, not quite…

Engage, Engage, Engage 

While social media schedulers and automation is a beautiful thing for saving time in the day-to-day, having a system for creating and sharing content shouldn’t extend to engaging with your audience. 
Too many businesses follow the advice of batch creating and scheduling their content, but then they never check in to respond to comments or engage with other people in their audience. 
Remember, social media needs to be social. It’s about creating relationships, not just megaphoning your information out to the world hoping someone, and anyone will hear it and instantaneously buy from you. 

That’s not how it works, people need to build their relationship with you first, and they do that through engagement. 
Encourage engagement by asking questions in your posts, commenting on and liking other people’s posts, and staying on top of messaging people back promptly. 

Nowadays, your social media channels act as an extension of your customer service team, so you need to make sure that you’re thanking people for taking the time out of their day to connect with you and not letting what they have to say fall on deaf ears. 

The main thing to keep in mind as you set forth with your plan on social media is that growing your presence and cultivating your online community is a marathon, not a sprint. 
Your posts are not likely to go viral overnight, and you won’t gain hundreds of followers in a day or even a month, but by providing quality content on a consistent basis and participating in authentic engagement, your efforts will certainly pay off with time. 
Do you currently have a social media strategy in place? How often do you create content and check in on your audience for active engagement? 

If you don’t have a strategy in place, how do you plan to start creating one moving forward? Drop your answers in the comments! 

Until next time, keep making the world a more beautiful place inside and out!