Should You Develop Your Own Product Line? - A Q&A With Gregory Dylan

As you grow your solo aesthetician business and build your clientele as a spa owner, you might start to look for new lines of revenue and ways to leverage your time. 

After all, if you want to stay solo or with a small team, there are only so many hours in the day. With a full book, you might quickly realize that you need an additional way to bring in income without trading dollars for hours and being in the treatment room to know your business is growing. 

Today, Gregory Dylan joins me again (you might remember the Q&A we did about how he grew his following and built his business through his YouTube channel) to talk all about developing your own product line versus going with a private label to sell in your spas.  

A little background on Gregory: he’s the founder of Gregory Dylan Beauty, a full-service skincare studio in West Hollywood and is also the star of his YouTube channel, Boy Meets Beauty, where he shares his knowledge and expertise with his devoted and growing following. On top of all that, he's also been working for last few years create and develop his own product line. 

In this Q&A we talk about his experience with the process, the pros and cons, what it’s like working with a lab to create your products, as well as his advice and tips for solo aestheticians and spa owners who might be considering going this route. 

Thank you so much to Gregory for joining me again for this dose of inspiration, education, and encouragement, I always love having the chance to talk with and learn from you! 

If you have any questions about creating your own product line or personal experience to share, be sure to let me know down in the comments! 

Until next week, keep making the world a more beautiful place inside and out.