Get Your To-Do List in Gear and Get Organized with Asana

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Do you typically keep your long list of to-dos in a paper agenda? Maybe on sticky notes scattered between your car, front desk, purse and treatment room?

It’s time to get your to-do list to join the 21st century!

Even if you do use your phone to keep track of tasks, this post is still for you because today I’m going to share a project management tool that makes getting stuff done a breeze. 

No more endless notes in your phone that get lost or forgotten, this is a tool that keeps your tasks organized through folders, deadlines, and allows you to effortlessly communicate with your team so you can easily track everything that’s on your plate as well as projects others are working on in your business. (This is an awesome tool if you work with a VA and helps you keep emails to a minimum.)

And the best part about it? It’s free so long as you have 15 team members or less, which makes it perfect for solo aestheticians and boutique spa owners. 

The tool I’m talking about is Asana, and it’s the tool my team and I use to keep things running like a well-oiled machine here at AddoAesthetics. 

In today’s dose of inspiration, education, and encouragement, I’m going to walk you through Asana and show you all of its top features and give you a quick-start tutorial so you can hit the ground running with getting organized and tackling your to-dos with ease.

So, are you ready to get your to-do list in gear and stop scrambling to get your last-minute to-dos taken care of? 

When you get yourself organized, especially with recurring tasks, you set yourself up for success by not having to devote time to thinking about, jotting down, and gathering your to-dos. 

When you organize all of your tasks and projects in a tool like Asana, you know you have one place to look to find all your to-do items, and you don’t have to waste time trying to think about what you should be doing or what task should be your top priority at the moment. 

Have any other tools you love? Be sure to share them in the comments or the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group. I’m always on the hunt for tools that will make business easier so I can spend more time doing the tasks I love and spend more time enjoying my life. 

Hopefully, if you spend a little time getting organized with Asana, you’ll find that’s true for you, too!