Would you Make a Great Product Rep?

One of my favorite things about the aesthetic industry is how many avenues and opportunities aestheticians can choose to take as they forge their career paths. 

You can go into a highly-specialized niche, branch out on your own as a solo aesthetician, or you can go the route of being a product rep like my friend Hannah did!  

Of course, those are just a few paths one can go down, but becoming a product rep is one that I think many aestheticians give thought to at one point or another, so I want to dive in deeper with Hannah, who is the Senior Strategic Territory Business Manager for iS Clinical, about what it truly takes to be successful in a product rep position. 

In this week’s dose of inspiration, education, and encouragement, Hannah shares her journey from working in a med spa to working in the field as a product rep to now being a senior territory manager. 

We talk about the misconceptions of the day-to-day tasks, transitioning from a medical environment to being in the field, the skills it takes to be successful as a product rep, and more. If you’ve ever been curious about what being a product rep entails, you’re going to love the insights and real-talk that Hannah provides. 

As you can see, there’s tremendous opportunity in filling a product rep position, but it’s certainly not something every aesthetician will find as their calling. 

Thank you again to Hannah for sharing her valuable tips and insights with us, and if you have thoughts or questions on being a product rep that you’d like to share, be sure to start a conversation in the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group

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Until next time, keep learning and making the world a more beautiful place inside and out!