The Ultimate Spa Marketing Resource Round-Up

While I love to cover a variety of topics here on the AddoAesthetics blog, I’m never in the dark about what all of you, my dear readers’, favorite subject! 

It’s the topic that repeatedly comes up in both the Aestheticians Connect and Aesthetic Experts Club communities, and the topic that I get the most emails about.

Now I’m not complaining because I love helping fellow aestheticians build thriving careers, and a big piece of that involves marketing. 

After all, if you don’t have a plan or a strategy to continually bring in new clients and nurture the relationships with your current clients, how do you expect to be able to continually develop, grow, and maintain your business? 

The answer is, you can’t. 

Marketing is that piece of the puzzle that ensures that you’re consistently communicating with the people who are your ideal clients but haven’t booked with you yet as well as the people who have experienced your services and now hold the potential to become loyal clients and top referrers. 

Over the last few years, I’ve managed to create an extensive archive of marketing related content, so I thought I’d save you a little time and help round up the top posts that will get you up and running or re-inspired if you need a little marketing boost. 

Happy reading and watching!

Overall Marketing and Branding 

If the whole marketing concept is a little over your head, don’t worry. Start by reading these posts first to help you get a grasp of the big marketing picture of your business along with quick, low-cost ways to get started with building a brand and a strategic spa marketing plan. 

Understand Your Brand 

3 Steps to Create a Marketing Plan That Works 

5 Free Ways to Market Your Business 

Marketing Q&As

Now and then I come together with some of the aesthetic industry’s best and brightest to bring you their top tips and advice on all things spa success. Here are a few of my favorite interviews and collaborations on marketing topics: 

Client Retention Q&A with Business Coach for the Spa Industry, Kirsten Foss

Spa Marketing Q&A with Tara Zirker of Sunbeam Communications

Get Published, Grow Your Business - A Q&A with Liliana Aranda, LE 

Check out all the Q&As I did with Nicole Simpson of Global Aesthetics Group during May Marketing Month

Marketing Tactics

Social media, content creation, promotions, these posts cover some of the top marketing tactics used by today’s successful aesthetic experts. 

See a Boost in Your Holiday Sales with My Top Gift Card Tips 
How I Used Facebook Ads to Grow My Business and Why You Should Be Using Them, Too

3 Reasons Why Podcasting is a Great Marketing Tool. Bonus - It's Free! 
How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Spa’s Brand

Making Marketing Easier 

No matter how well-versed you become in marketing, it’s always going to be a task that takes time and continual effort. Here are a few posts to help you make the task of marketing a little easier on you and your schedule: 

Why Systems Are Important

Outsource Your Overwhelm

Now that you’ve got all of my top resources at your fingertips, don’t forget to put your knowledge into action! 

With my Annual Spa Marketing Planner you can take all the education and encouragement you learn in these posts and transform them into a plan so that your marketing efforts work like a well-oiled machine. 

While this planner was specifically created to coincide with all the advice and tips given in these posts over the years, the most important thing is that you put this information to work because marketing plans are only successful when executed.