Get Published, Grow Your Business

Have you ever been published in a magazine like Skin Inc, Day Spa, or Dermascope?  What about news media outlets like the Boston Globe or USA Today?  Liliana Aranda has, along with 200 other news media outlets and it has helped her build an incredibly successful career as a solo aesthetician in a very short time.  

In fact, Liliana opened her spa five years ago right out of aesthetics school and hasn't looked back since.  Faces by Liliana is currently booked at full capacity and is proud to offer the Western regions only 100% gluten free skincare face and body protocol as well as be one of 50 active Oncology Aestheticians in the state of California.  

So how did she do it?  

Well, one thing that I would like to point out is how specialized Liliana is.  In the Thriving Aesthetician's Masterclass we spend a lot of time on how to create a niche for yourself to grow your business.  The more specialized you are the faster you will grow in most cases. 

The other action Liliana took to grow her business was submitting articles for industry publications to gain free press and exposure for her business.  This can be time intensive but it is a free way to market your business and if you stick with it you may even find a few paying spots. 

Check out the interview with Liliana below. 

Liliana didn't get featured in over 200 news and media outlets overnight; it took hard work, consistency, and dedication but she is getting out what she put in.  

My challenge to you is to choose a topic that you're passionate about, write an article, and submit it for publication.  The worst thing that will happen is they will say no but if you don't try, the answer is already no.  

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