Outsource Your Overwhelm

Many aestheticians know, especially solo aestheticians and spa owners, that your job title doesn’t begin and end with the services and treatments you offer.

In addition to the aesthetician, you may also be acting as accountant, marketing maven, social media manager, receptionist; the list goes on and on. And if you’re anything like the aestheticians in the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group, many of whom have expressed feelings of being overburdened, juggling all these roles can take quite a toll.  

This sense of overwhelm that comes from being and doing everything can not only lead to burn out but can also be holding you back from your dreams of success because you’re simply spread too thin to meet your goals.

So what’s a solution to this problem? Outsource your overwhelm.

With the world of online-based businesses and communications booming, there’s been a tremendous growth of professionals who act as Virtual Assistants, or VAs for short, who you can hire to handle a wide variety of your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.

Today I’m so excited to be sharing with you the insights of The Project Designer owner, Nicole Jackson, who has over ten years experience helping businesses of all sizes focus on running and growing the business they love with the aid of her project management services.

In our interview, she’s giving us the scoop on what a VA is, how to hire one, and the investment you can expect to make (which may be way less than what you’re thinking, so don’t worry and just watch).

Check out the interview with Nicole below.

I hope that interview was insightful for you and got you thinking about the various tasks in your business that you could pass off to someone on your team!

If you want to download the free cheat sheet Nicole mentioned in the video to help you hire a VA click HERE

I would love to know what items on your to-do list cause you the most overwhelm and if you think you would see a difference in your work balance by bringing in help. And if you have experience bringing in this type of assistance into your business, I’d love to hear your insights too. Let me know in the comments section!