Q&A with Master Aesthetician Tiffany Crews: Treating Skin of Color

As an aesthetician, you know that you always have to be learning.

Whether it’s learning about new technology, products, or techniques, staying up-to-date is critical for becoming an aesthetic expert and maintaining your expertise.

When I was starting my career as an aesthetician, one of the topics that I realized I had a limited amount of experience with due to getting my license in Hawaii and being comfortable with a demographic primarily filled with Caucasian, Asian, and Pacific Islander skin types, was knowing how to treat and recommend products for skin of color.

To help provide more insight and education on the topic, I’m talking with Tiffany Crews who is a licensed master aesthetician of Virginia Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center.

She’s going to give us the breakdown on why patients with skin of color need products and treatments catered specifically toward them, how to categorize skin of color, and her top resources for learning more about skin of color.

Thank you so much again to Tiffany for providing us with great insights and a wealth of resources.

As promised, you can find those resources linked below, and if you have any insights, questions, or experiences you would like to share about treating skin of color, let me hear them in the comments!

Tiffany’s top resources for treating skin of color:

  • Hampton University Skin of Color Research Institute hosts a bi-annual Skin of Color Symposium in Virginia. All of the speakers address the dermatological factors specific to skin of color patients.

  • The Skin of Color Seminar Series is an annual conference held in New York and led by a nationally-recognized dermatology faculty. In addition to speakers, the conference also hosts exhibitors who have products and devices that suit patients with skin of color and address their specific concerns.

  • Skin of Color Society - The Skin of Color Society is an international dermatology organization whose mission is to promote awareness and excellence for skin of color dermatology.

  • JDD Online has a monthly online membership with an entire section devoted to skin of color that’s jam-packed with peer-reviewed medical journals.

  • Skin of Color: A Practical Guide to Dermatologic Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Andrew F. Alexis and Dr. Victoria H. Barbosa.

  • Pamela Springer, an African-American licensed aesthetician, is the founder of Global Skin Solutions, a skincare line exclusively developed to treat skin of color patients. She also teaches continuing education courses on the differences and treatment options for skin of color patients.

  • Tip: Like or follow dermatologists who specialize in skin of color on social media. They often share a wealth of information on their social media platforms, and it's free advice and information. Here are some of Tiffany’s favorites:

Dr. Victoria Barbosa

Dr. Susan Taylor

Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton

Dr. Lian Mack

Dr. Myla Bennett

Dr. Meena Singh

Dr. Michelle Henry

Dr. Yolanda Lenzy

Dermatologista Pele Negra

Steele Dermatology

  • Tip: Follow African American celebrity aestheticians as their target audience is usually a large skin of color clientele base. Some of Tiffany’s favorites include:

Mashell Tabe of Mashell Tabe Skincare Face & Soul

Regina Tucker of Beautifully Yours Metro

Mamie McDonald of Skin by Mamie

Seven Brown of The Harlem Skin Clinic