Spa Success Stories: Katie Marshall of Medical Esthetics by Katie

A little while back I asked the members of the AddoAesthetics community what they would like to see more of here on the blog, and while I got a variety of inspiring answers that I’ll be taking action on in the coming weeks and month, one topic that repeatedly came up was seeing spa success stories. 

Because this is a topic so many of you were passionate about, I knew that would be the first one I tackled. 

So, today is the first installment of the Spa Success Stories series, and if you’re an active member of the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group, I know you’re going to love this one because this Spa Success Story features the familiar friendly face of Katie Marshall of Medical Esthetics by Katie

Katie is always commenting and providing a ton of value in the Aestheticians Connect group, so I knew she’d be the perfect person to kick off this new series! 

If you don’t know Katie, she’s a solo medical aesthetician located in Vancouver, and she has a wealth of knowledge not only related to aesthetics but also business and retail sales.

Today, she shares her story about how she got to be a solo aesthetician, how she navigates being a solo aesthetician in an area where aesthetics is an unregulated industry, positions herself as an aesthetic expert, and connects and networks with fellow aestheticians. 

Thank you so much to Katie for sharing her story and insights with us, and be sure to connect with Katie on her Facebook page and take a look at her website (she has a beautiful and strong web presence that’s sure to inspire!). 

Also, if you’re in Canada, get plugged into your local network and find Katie in the Canadian Estheticians Connect group

Until next time, keeping making the world beautiful inside and out.