Knowing Your Own Worth

The overwhelming majority of aestheticians - heck, the overwhelming majority of women do not know their own worth.  We consistently undervalue our contributions to the workplace and don’t feel comfortable charging what we are worth.

Listen - I am right there with you.  Feeling confident in my pricing structure on the consulting side of my business was an uphill battle.  Thanks to the loving support of my husband along with some gentle persuasion from my business coach, I now charge a fair but competitive fee for the services that I provide to medical spas and physician dispensed skincare companies.  

Whether you are a consultant, a spa owner, a solo aesthetician, or even an employee negotiating your salary, the source of our anxiety, fear, or reluctance to charge what we are worth comes from the same source - it is from a lack of confidence in ourselves that causes us to undervalue our contributions and in turn, not charge what we are worth.  

The scary thing is that half the time it is so deeply ingrained in us that we are not even aware that it exists.

I want to share my story, I suppose my journey would be a more proper word choice, on this subject because I often receive emails from others in the industry and sometimes am lucky enough to chat face to face with amazing women who say to me “I could never do what you do or achieve what you have achieved” and I am here to tell you that you can.

You have the power to create your own success.

I understand that from the outside my accomplishments may look grand: working as an international spa consultant with big name brands in the industry like SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals, and Sente; speaking in front of 200+ of the countries top aesthetic experts; and training at medical spas across North America, but the thing is I have dealt with the same insecurities and the same fears as you.  I have been in a place where I did not know my own worth.  

My husband is a pretty smart guy.  He is an engineer and has his PhD from MIT.  When we met he was still in school and I will never forget my first experience on the MIT campus after moving to Boston.  I walked in with my hair curled, my make-up on, and a cute outfit with heels.  Well, if you’ve ever been on the MIT campus you can imagine how out of place I looked in the world’s top math and engineering school!

So when my husband said “Hey, some people from my department are having a BBQ - can you come too?” My first thought was what the heck am I going to talk to these people about?!   And then I replied “Yes! That sounds great!”

So to make a long story short, we show up at this BBQ and all of the people there were wildly successful - there was actually a rocket scientist from NASA just to give you an idea… I’m thinking to myself “I laser vaginas for a living - what do I have to contribute to this conversation??”

That is exactly the negative self talk and undervaluation of our contributions and knowledge that I’m talking about!  Anyway - I ended up making small talk with several people and eventually one of them asked what I did for a living.

“I’m an aesthetician.” I said proudly (because I am quite proud of my profession).

Which was quickly followed by “Oh, great - what hospital are you at?”

“No, no, aesthetician not an anesthetist.  I work with skin and provide treatments and services to address specific skin conditions.”

That’s when the conversation left the small talk arena and started to go deeper.  And would you believe that in about 15 minutes of time the entire BBQ turned into a Q & A about skincare??

That moment was a turning point for me because it was right then that I realized that if a NASA rocket scientist was truly interested  in what I had to say about skin then what I had to say had value.  

The thing is you don’t need a rocket scientist to validate your knowledge or worth.  

Your knowledge has value.  Your contributions matter.  You are worth it.  

I want you to remember that each and everyday when you wake up and think about it again when you go to bed.  What you’ll notice is that little by little your confidence will grow.  You’ll be more secure in your decisions and you’ll be comfortable charging what you’re worth.  

Each and every one of you has something unique and special to offer - use that to keep making the world a more beautiful place, inside and out.

Want to know if you’re undercharging for your services?  Check out THIS POST that I wrote on the subject to get an idea of how to compare yourself to the competition.

Working as an employee?  Use sites like Salary Genius or Pay Scale to find out what the average salary for your job description is in your area.

A HydraFacial Treatment Step-by-Step

Whether you have a client looking for a flawless finish before a big event, or you have a patient who wants to boost their overall skin health, the HydraFacial is a perfect treatment option.

The HydraFacial treatment uses antioxidant-filled serums, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, minimize signs of aging, and protect skin from the environment leaving it renewed and invigorated.

In today’s video, I’m changing up the format of my usual posts just a bit as I walk you through the HydraFacial treatment step-by-step while I'm having the HydraFacial performed on me.

Essentially, the HydraFacial is a multi-step treatment that uses chemical and mechanical exfoliation to cleanse, evenly exfoliate, and extract impurities all while infusing nutrients at the same time.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Not to mention, the excellent results you get through the extraction step of the process, which I find to be much more efficient and effective in relieving pore congestion than you can achieve manually or even with an extractor. And all without the pain as well.

Alright, enough of my gushing, let’s jump into the step-by-step! Click below to watch the video.

Now I want to know, what’s your experience with HydraFacials? Do you have a favorite booster option you love to use on your clients? Let me know in the comments!