Understand Your Brand

We talk about marketing a lot in the spa world.  In the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group I get asked a marketing question at least once per week.  Branding, not so much but in my opinion it is equally important.  

So what is branding anyway? 

According to Wikipedia, a brand is "a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes one seller's product from those of others."  OK, so how does that that relate to you and to the spa industry in general?  

Well, think about your brand as something that is intertwined with your marketing strategy.  The image of you, your company, and what you're about.  The content you put out, your style, and the feeling you give others.  Let me use AddoAesthetics as an example. 

When I started AddoAesthetics I was very clear that I wanted to create a company that empowered, encouraged, and educated aestheticians.  I wanted aestheticians who came in contact with me and my business to be inspired to be their best selves and give them the tools they needed to achieve their business goals.  Everything that I do, every bit of content that I create goes back to that mission.  Even the name of the company - Addo in Latin means To Inspire.  

What helped me get clear on my brand was coming up with a mood board like the one below. 

Once I was clear on the visual aspects of my brand, I could use that to create social media images that matched the mood board that I had created and also went along with the mission of my company to empower, encourage, and educate aestheticians.  

Check out some of the examples below.  

Twitter Post Tips 3.png

This is a great educational post.  Just a quick snippet of information but it uses my colors and it has the orchid hidden in there (even if it's not pink!) 

This post resonates with my audience well too.  The clean white background with a simple saying that we all believe in! I feel that it is an encouraging post. 

And this one is empowering.  Notice that it has the same style or feeling as the other posts. Clean, white background, same fonts, the orchid, the spa image.  

What will eventually happen is those colors, fonts, and the general feeling of the content will become associated with you and your brand in the clients mind.  That is what we are shooting for here. 

Getting clear and being consistent with your brand and your message will be a great tool in attracting your ideal client to you.  

Branding is so important to me that I have a special bonus training that goes deep into branding yourself for Thriving Aesthetician's Masterclass students.  We also have a Branding Bundle in the Aesthetic Experts Club that has several videos and a workbook so you can get super clear on your brand, the image you're putting out, and who you're wanting to attract to your business. 

So now I want to hear from you.  Let me know how branding has helped your business in the comments section below. 

With love, 

Daniela XO