Networking Interview with Kelley Sanabria of Femworking

Shoot Photo Inc.

Shoot Photo Inc.

I credit maintaining a strong network in the health and beauty industry with allowing my business to grow to the point it is at today and that is why you hear me talking about the importance of networking so much. 

Kelley Sanabria feels the same way about networking and she actually created an entire business around it.  Kelley is the founder of Femworking, a networking group for female entrepreneurs in the Washington DC metro area. 

When I first moved to the Washington DC area I did not know anyone but I was in the beginning stages of starting my business and I knew I would need to make some contacts - and fast.  I went to a site called and found Femworking.  They were having a meeting not too far from my house so I decided to attend.  

I was so nervous! But you know what - it turned out to be one of the best things that I did.  Through that meeting I was able to connect with individuals who referred me to my lawyer, social media specialist, book editor, photographer for head shots, business coach, and even a cage free boarding facility for my dogs when I was away on business.  

In the video I talk with Kelley about why networking is important, how to get past your fears of going to a networking event alone, and where to look to find networking events in your area. 

Enjoy the video!