Nutrition & The Skin

If you're anything like me, you've probably read and researched for hours on how food - the things we eat - impact our body and our skin.  I remember an acne patient that came in to see me years ago.  She was really down when she came in, already having been through a slew of aestheticians and even several doctors.  

According to the patient, she had tried everything from facials and chemical peels to topical medications.  Nothing worked.  She was coming to me as a last resort based on the recommendation of a friend, but she did not have high expectations.  

I knew this woman had been through quite a bit already with her skin and most of the traditional methods of addressing acne had not worked.  Her first time in we sat in the consult room and talked for an hour.  I gathered all of the information I could on her from the products and treatments she had tried to diet and lifestyle.  

I put together a plan for her that included a product regimen change, a series of treatments, and here is the kicker - dietary changes.  I asked her to eliminate dairy, gluten, and sugar, as well as introduce a probiotic supplement. 

Just a few months later and her skin was almost completely cleared up!  On top of that, she felt better too!  

Now, I know that not all acne is caused by dietary factors but in this patients case it was and that is why nothing else had worked.  

What we put in our body makes a big difference on how we look and feel. 

To get even more in to nutrition and the skin, I asked Sam Attard, PhD of Happy Healthy Human to chat with us.  Check out the video below. 

What is your experience with nutrition and the skin?  Have you ever treated someone where food was the cause of concern for the skin?  Share your story in the comments section below.