Thinking About Medical Aesthetics? Read this first.

How do I get into medical aesthetics?

Are you one of the many aestheticians who has asked themselves that question before?

If so, I get it.  I worked in a dermatology office for years and then moved into the MedSpa world before starting my consulting company.   I’m obsessed with LHR (and all lasers, really) and love the ability to help patients reach their skincare goals. 

I also love that there is always something new to learn - some new technology that let’s my true inner aesto nerd come out.  And if we are telling the truth here - I suck at waxing and don’t enjoy performing facial massage - at all.  Working with machines (as opposed to my hands) is way more up my alley. 

Working in a medical environment was a good fit for me.

Now, I want to ask you a question.  WHY do YOU want to work in a medical environment? 

Really think about it.  Is it because you enjoy lasers and other results oriented treatments, or is it because you believe you will make more money? 

Quick side note here: Money is not a bad thing and there is nothing wrong with having a desire to make a certain livelihood.  What my intention is for this post is to show you that money should not be a primary driver in the branch of aesthetics that suits you best.  You can make a very comfortable wage by waxing, doing facials, or even lashes all day.   

After a little time soul searching, if you come to the conclusion that the only reason you’re pursuing medical aesthetics is because you believe that you’ll make more money, I want want to plead with you right now - please don’t go down that path. 

If instead you do love the science, technology, and culture of the medical aesthetics world I encourage you to dive in 100% because doing what you love is so rewarding.  There is a lot of hard work involved (as with anything worth doing) but when you’re doing what you’re suppose to be doing it rarely feels like work.

Every single one of us has something unique and special to offer to our clients and to the world. 

Your job is to be introspective enough to learn what that is and let it shine. 

So let’s chat about the money.

When I was working in Boston, I knew an aesthetician who was not performing medical treatments and was hovering around the $100k per year mark. 

When I was working at a med spa, I knew aestheticians who were bringing in $30K per year. 

Working in a medical environment does not guarantee a high income just like working in a day spa does not guarantee a low income.  It’s your performance in those roles that determines your income.  

When you are committed to being the best version of yourself and you know yourself well enough to be clear on where you shine and what environment you belong in the money will come. 

I’m not trying to be all woo woo here, but when I say the money will come, it will come because when you have so much joy and passion for what you’re doing it becomes part of who you are. 

Going to networking events becomes social, volunteering your services or expertise at a charity function becomes fulfilling, and before you know it you’re marketing like crazy without even knowing it. 

We all have the ability to create our own success - however we define it - but if you don’t know what that success looks like to you, what it is that you truly want you’ll become stuck in a cycle of making reactive choices rather than proactive choices. 

As aestheticians we can choose to work in a medspa, a day spa, or a resort spa.  We can be a makeup artist or a product rep.  We can be a solo aesthetician or a spa owner.  There is not one that is any better or worse than the other. 

It is up to us to understand what our unique offering is and where we feel called to share that offering.

For almost 10 years my calling was in the world of medical aesthetics and now I feel called to do my part to elevate the spa industry as a whole.  I want to help aestheticians and aesthetic experts find their path and create their own success. 

A rising tide floats all boats…. 

So what does your success look like?  Let me know in the comments section below. 

Until next time, keep making the world a more beautiful place, inside and out.