Melasma for Aestheticians

As aestheticians, it’s our job to be consistently learning.

Even if we haven’t experienced a condition first hand or can’t clinically diagnose specific conditions that affect the skin, knowledge is power, and it allows us to be the expert resource our clients know they can turn to for sound advice.

Something I want to discuss with you today is a chronic medical condition called melasma, which is a hormonally induced hyperpigmentation.

You may have also heard of this condition referred to as “pregnancy mask,” and if you haven’t encountered a client with this condition yet, chances are you will eventually.

So, what a better time to learn about it than now?!

After watching the video, you’ll be aware of how to identify melasma, how to counsel your client on steps they can take on their own to reduce their symptoms, as well as determine the best treatments for a client who has already been diagnosed by their doctor.  

As you know, skin conditions such as melasma can play a huge role in the confidence of our clients.

When we further our knowledge of skin conditions such as melasma, we’re not only adding more tools to our professional tool belt; we’re also able to respond to our client’s concerns and vulnerabilities in a way that puts them at ease because we can guide them to the right solutions with certainty.

With that said, if you have more questions about specific treatments or want to share any experiences you’ve had with this condition, I would love for you to connect with the awesome community in the Aestheticians Connect Facebook group. 

In the group, there are a ton of discussions amongst both seasoned and new aestheticians sharing knowledge on everything from conditions and treatments, to the business side of owning a spa or operating as a solo aesthetician.

Join us!