Introducing the Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Your Host, Daniela Woerner, L.E.


Welcome to the first official episode of the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast!

In this introductory episode, you’ll hear about my intention behind starting the podcast, what you can expect to hear and learn in upcoming episodes, and how the strategies and tactics my guests and I share will benefit your spa business and aesthetic expertise.

Plus, you’ll get a glimpse into my  journey from solo aesthetician to spa director to the founder of AddoAesthetics and how that journey has paved the way to the creation of the Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast.

I can’t wait to see how the adventure unfolds and to have you along for the ride from the beginning!

New episodes will be released every Monday, so make sure you don’t miss an episode by subscribing on iTunes or on your Android device.

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Until Episode #002,

Daniela XO

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