Stepping Up as a Leader in Your Spa or Solo Practice with Kirsten Foss


We’ve never been at a better time to be a leader than now…

As women, as business owners, and as professionals who have the capability to truly impact the lives of others both in and outside of the treatment room.

No one can speak to this quite as well as my guest on this episode of the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, Kirsten Foss.

With 25+ years of experience as an aesthetician, Kirsten is today’s go-to business coach for aestheticians and spa owners, and she has made it her mission to help aesthetic experts like you to fully step into their power and own their role as a leader.

In today’s episode, she walks us through her leadership ethos and why she believes it’s critical for aesthetic experts to use our voices and gifts of service to create impactful ripple effects into our communities through the work we do with our clients.

During our discussion you’ll also hear:

  • What initial steps you can take to begin owning your role as a lead

  • The key traits of leaders that impact the way they operate and carry out their businesses

  • Steps to take in the art of discernment and how your business’ growth and trajectory will benefit

  • How to begin doing the inner work to cultivate confidence as well as finding trustworthy external sources that give you room to grow

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