Using Messenger Bots to Get Your Spa Booked Out with Adam Chatterley

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Does the thought of using a Messenger bot for your spa leave you leery?

If so, hear me out because I too used to be a skeptic, but I think your opinion is going to shift after you listen to this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy.

In this episode, I’m talking with bot extraordinaire, Adam Chatterley, the founder of Salon Business Secrets and course, Bots for Beauty, to dispel the myths and misconceptions, and set the record straight on just how powerful bots can be for your spa marketing.

Whether you’re a solo aesthetician who’s wearing all the hats or a spa director whose job it is to continually generate leads and close new clients, we can all benefit from the power of Messenger bots to start conversations that connect and convert.

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Messenger crosses the threshold of personal and professional communication setting the stage for enhanced customer service

  • The various methods in which Messenger bots allow you to connect with your audience

  • Where to start with crafting your business’ first bot conversations

  • How bots will enable you to work smarter and not harder by shaving off hours of admin work every month and more

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