Leveraging Video Marketing for Your Aesthetic Business with Beth Ryan

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Despite the fact that it’s currently talked about as the medium that reigns supreme, the truth is, video is nothing new.

Of course, I’m not talking about the concept of video itself, after all, television has been around for awhile, but as today’s guest on the podcast shares with us, video has consistently been the top performing style of media on Facebook for the last five years!

In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, video pro Beth Ryan joins me to explain the power video marketing holds for growing our aesthetic businesses and how we can get started with leveraging the opportunities video provides.

From live-streaming to pre-recording, using Facebook or Instagram, or using video to educate versus sell, video is not just a medium you should consider leveraging; it’s one you’ll need to embrace if you want to stay relevant with your audience, especially on social media.

Not to mention, video is one of the best ways to build your know, like and trust factor before a potential client ever gets in touch with you because as Beth explains, people crave connection, and people buy from people.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to grab your iPhone and click record, but first, take a listen to this week’s episode with Beth.

In this episode, you’ll also learn:

  • Why I love video marketing, and how I noticed it shift the growth of AddoAesthetics

  • What factors and style of video makes for the highest engaging content

  • How to get over your fear of being on camera in addition to clever and strategic workarounds to get yourself comfortable with the camera

  • Methods for getting over the logistical or tech hump of creating video content

  • How to plan your video content alongside your promotional calendar and easily come up with new video ideas

  • Ways to repurpose your videos so you can make one piece of video content stretch further and more

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