The Attitude of Gratitude

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We all know that it’s good to be grateful.

But are you really, truly feeling that gratitude?

The truth is, having an attitude of gratitude requires practice, consistency, and specificity, which isn’t always easy, especially if we feel like we’re in a tough season of life or business.

Of course, we’re grateful for all the blessings we have, but when you desire something different, it can leave you feeling lost on how to feel thankful and using that gratitude to propel you forward.

And that’s exactly why I’m bringing you the message I have in this episode, which is all about how you can cultivate a deep sense of gratitude, put it in action, and how by doing so; you have the opportunity to see significant growth in your life and business.

See, gratitude isn’t a byproduct of success; it’s the activator of it.

So click play and dial into all you have to be grateful for, I promise you’ll immediately feel uplifted and see the benefits of building a gratitude practice with time.

In this episode I discuss:

  • What gratitude helps do for our mindset, perspective, and actions, and in turn, how that affects our lives and businesses

  • The 30-Day Gratitude Challenge

  • A story of one of my students and how gratitude can affect the outcome of your goals

  • Why it’s important to get specific when reflecting on your gratitudes

References Mentioned in Episode #037: The Attitude of Gratitude

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