The Importance of Sharpening Your Business Skills with Carla Jones

To go into the spa industry is to commit to a career of continual learning. Well, at least if you want to be successful.

Not only is it crucial to stay up-to-date on aesthetic techniques and treatments, but having a well-rounded education in business is also important regardless of whether you work as a solo aesthetician or you’re part of a team at a spa.

Too often I see aestheticians not being able to pay themselves a decent living and are too afraid to invest in their business education out of fear that it won’t help them or it doesn’t apply to them.

Well, I, along with my guest for this episode, want to encourage you that investing in your business education through time, effort, and yes, money, is what will allow you to reap the rewards in your business.

Because despite what we’ve always been taught, the path to success is not built solely on hard work and sweat equity. It takes strategic thinking and leveraging of your time and resources, both of which you’ll develop by sharpening your business acumen, which is exactly what Carla Jones does through her business Salon Solutions Group.

I first met Carla at an event for digital marketing, and she immediately sparked my interest with her say-it-like-you-mean-it attitude and assertive approach to business, but when I found out she was a beauty industry expert, I knew I had to get her on the show.

First starting her career in the corporate world working in the areas of logistics and operations, Carla brought strategic business thinking to the table when she opted to switch career paths and go to beauty school.

Now as the founder of Salon Solutions Group, Carla helps beauty industry professionals learn, earn and thrive sharpening her students’ and clients’ business skills so they can achieve their biggest goals.

Whether you own your beauty business or you work as a team member at a spa, this is an episode with takeaways that’ll serve you no matter which route you take in your aesthetic career.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Carla transitioned from her career in logistics and operations into the beauty industry and how her foundational skills served her in her new career

  • The common misconceptions about being a six-figure earner and what you need to know about your numbers to get there

  • The power of positivity and self-awareness in creating an unforgettable client experience

  • How she navigated a negative client experience and stumbling block but came out with a powerful lesson

  • Carla’s top pieces of advice and insights for new grads and business owners setting out to create their own version of success

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