Measuring the Metrics That Matter with Adam Chatterley

Does the idea of running your numbers make your stomach lurch and your brain hurt?

You’re not alone, but just because you’re not a “numbers person” doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to keeping track of the digits in your business.

Now when you hear “numbers” your first thought might jump to flashing dollar bill signs. However, revenue, expenses, and profit aren’t the only numbers you need to be paying attention to.

In fact, there are a variety of other numbers or KPIs (aka Key Performance Indicators) you’ll want to be clued into to see more of those flashy dollar signs coming into your business, and even more importantly, finding their way onto your paycheck.

And joining me today to talk all about the KPIs and metrics needed to build and grow a healthy and profitable business is none other than the “Metrics Man,” Adam Chatterley!

Adam is the founder of Salon Business Secrets and the host of the Beauty Business Podcast, where he helps spa and salon professionals build their business procedures, efficiency, and revenue to reach their ultimate growth goals.

You may be familiar with Adam as he is also a return guest on the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast. (You can listen to our discussion on Using Messenger Bots to Get Your Spa Booked Out by clicking here.)

After our first episode, I knew I needed to have Adam back so we could dive deep on numbers because this is a topic that is so crucial to not just your business’ success concerning growth and expansion, but in your staying power and sustainability.

Whether you’re someone who has been afraid to run the reports and do the number crunching or you’re someone who needs to dust off the books a bit and get some updated figures to work with, Adam’s insights are priceless and have the potential to grow your business exponentially.

So let’s get cozy with some math and learn how to make your metrics work for you!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What KPIs are and which ones matter most for your stage of business

  • Why KPIs should be simple and easily trackable and how you can use them to inform your business decisions

  • Adam’s top 7 KPIs he suggest you get started tracking today

  • The truth about paying yourself and consistently bringing home a paycheck

  • Adam’s 5 points tip list for businesses that are established but haven’t been tracking their KPIs consistently

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