The Power of Financial Investing and Building Wealth with Naseema McElroy

Her story reads like a breaking news headline, “Nurse slays nearly 1 million in debt in just 2.5 years.”

Yes, it sounds absolutely crazy, but let me tell you, it’s also insanely inspiring, especially when you hear Naseema tell her story.

I’ll let you listen to Naseema share it in this episode, but to give you the short preview, Naseema is a labor and delivery nurse, and after working to become knowledgeable about all things money, investing and building wealth to a level of being able to get out of a mountain of debt in a timeframe many might think is impossible, she is living proof that while your financial goals may not be easy, they are possible.

Today Naseema is helping her clients become financially intentional, slay their debt, and set themselves and their families financially free so they can feel secure in their future and focus on the present.

Essentially, she wants you to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and instead build wealth without living in deprivation.

In today’s episode, she shares her story as well as her top insights on how you can begin building wealth today no matter your current income level and why it’s so crucial to get started now and not wait for a “better time” or a day where you’ll feel more organized.

Because as you’ll learn in this episode, if you take the right steps and leverage the right tools now, you could stand to be a millionaire by the time you’re ready to retire.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Naseema’s transformation story from being a labor and delivery nurse working paycheck to paycheck to a self-taught financial expert as she knocked out almost a million dollars in debt in just 2.5 years

  • Why it’s critical to have an exit strategy in your business as well as an investment strategy

  • The power of compound interest and setting yourself up for a solid and stable retirement

  • How Naseema defines “Eff You Money,” why we all need it, and how you can begin achieving it, even when you feel like you’re stretched thin and don’t have anything to spare for saving or investing

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