Ramping Up Your Retail With Private Labeling with Nicole Di Rocco

If you’re in the Spa Marketing Made Easy community, you’re already familiar with Nicole’s work as it’s made an appearance in a Facebook Live or two.

See, when I first saw Nicole’s line of gorgeous swimwear I was intrigued (a no-pinch fit that flatters all the right places? Yes, please!), but then I set my eyes on her Bikini Bags, and my retail wheels were spinning!

These Bikini Bags were precisely the kind of product that would sell tremendously alongside skincare retail and complements the spa industry perfectly.

Not only could these bags sell well on their own, but they’re perfect for displaying curated travel-kits or being a beautiful and functional gift bag to present a gift card in.

So, with all these creative ideas flying, I knew I had to bring Nicole on the podcast to impart her wisdom in the world of fashion.

Now I know that when we talk about private labeling in spa, usually we’re focused on the skincare side of retail, but have you ever thought about creating a branded line of non-skincare retail?

Whether it’s robes, slippers, cosmetic bags, towels…the options are plentiful, and they hold a ton of opportunity for boosting your profits, which is exactly what we’re talking about in this episode.

A little bit of background on Nicole: she is the founder and creative mastermind behind Nicolita Swimwear as well as Launch Your Line, her signature program where she helps her students confidently develop, produce and sell their next fashion product.

Whether you’re considering dipping your toe into wholesale or you’re ready to take the plunge with private labeling, Nicole’s sharing her wealth of wisdom on the fashion industry and how to make those first steps in ramping up your non-skincare retail.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The story of how Nicole got into the fashion industry and how she works with businesses through wholesale and private labeling relationships

  • What factors to assess when first deciding to bring non-skincare retail products into your spa

  • The process of getting started with private labeling and what elements you need to get started working with an apparel brand to create a sample

  • The benefits of private labeling as an additional division of revenue and creative ideas for how to use your fashion retail to improve your brand experience and increase your units per transaction

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