Breaking Through Your Emotional and Mental Barriers with Julia Kristina

Fear, judgment, apprehension…raise your hand if you’ve felt these in the last month.

How about week? Or day?

Yep, hand raised over here.

These emotions are all things we tend to face, especially as ambitious women, but even more so as entrepreneurs and aestheticians carving out our own definitions and pathways to success.

But just because we face them doesn’t mean we’re doing the crucial work of processing them in a way that allows us to grow and evolve.

And as my guest on today’s episode shares, these are emotions that are inherently part of the human experience, and will naturally bubble up as we continue to stretch and grow personally and professionally, but if we fail to process and reflect on these emotions, they’ll continue to arise as a block that holds us back rather than a catalyst for growing to the next level in our entrepreneurial journey.

I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty deep stuff and whether you’re really into personal development, or if you have a little bit of a tougher time digging deep, I want to invite you in closer because I believe the insights and questions for reflection that Julia Kristina brings up in our discussion hold power to transform your entire outlook and mindset as an entrepreneur.

A little intro on Julia: she is a registered clinical counselor and the founder of Julia Kristina & Associates, and she believes that we need to stop shying away from looking at and talking about the deep things that make us tick (and tock) as human beings, and doing so doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable.

I couldn’t agree more, and in this episode, we discuss how we can begin bringing down our emotional and mental barriers to allow ourselves to be happy, healthy, and prosperous entrepreneurs.

Get ready to be vulnerable and feel your feelings, I promise it’s worth it.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How the core of your entrepreneurial success is tied to your willingness to be vulnerable

  • Why you might be subconsciously sabotaging yourself and how to unblock the emotional restrictions holding you back

  • Why you need to get curious and questions for reflection to help you transform fear into confidence

  • What it means to be self-compassionate and how that ties into practicing self-care

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