How to Reach a Level of High Performance to Achieve Excellence with Mark Bailey

Most aestheticians I know are highly ambitious. They’re big dreamers, hard workers, and they have a vision for the direction they want to steer their career.

Maybe you can identify as one of those ambitious aestheticians…

But what you may also be able to identify as is a peak performer.

Now you may be thinking, “Peak performer? I would say I’m a top performer and an expert in my field, so yeah…I’m a peak performer!”

Well, turns out being a peak performer isn’t as great as it sounds.

Think of it this way: when you’re operating toward peak performance, you’re going up and up and up, but once you reach that peak, a valley is naturally what will follow.

And as an aesthetician, that valley often looks like burnout and a drop in the consistent efforts that brought you to your peak.

Instead, according to my guest on today’s episode, Mark Bailey, what we should aim to be is a high performer.

I met Mark at a business conference, and the way he broke down the difference between high performance and peak performance was an aha moment for me, so I knew you would benefit from hearing his message, too.

As a high performance and achievement coach, the core of Mark’s work is helping his clients get out of their peaks and valleys and shift into high performance so they can maintain a steady and sustainable level of achievement in accomplishing their goals.

If you’re a big dreamer, which I know you are if you’re listening to Spa Marketing Made Easy, I know Mark’s insights are going to be transformative in helping you to maximize your potential and energetic drive and perform to a standard of absolute excellence.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between peak performance versus high performance

  • What it means to perform at a level of excellence and whether it’s a natural trait or learned skill

  • The requirements for meeting your full potential and how fear plays into holding us back + what we can do to overcome it

  • Mark’s top recommended action steps for shifting your identity into becoming a high performer

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