Growing Your Spa with the Help of Groupon with Nora Kaitis

Now before the title of this episode sends you reeling, let me press the pause button for a second and share this with you…

I know Groupon is not something we’ve always talked about favorably (my hand is raised way up high here).

In the past I’ve been skeptical and believed that this platform wasn’t going to be the driver of quality leads through your door, but I’ve recently changed my tune and shifted my perspective, and here’s why:

In the last several months I’ve had conversations with not one, but multiple six-figure estheticians who along with successful retail sales, have utilized Groupon as a marketing tool to help them grow their clientele and pave the way to their six-figure success.

I’m not going to lie; my eyebrows were raised, I didn’t realize Groupon could be such a powerful tool for truly sustainable growth and gaining loyal clients.

And if you’ve been around here for a while, you know I’m a big believer in testing your assumptions, which is why I’ve brought on Nora Kaitis for this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy.

Nora has been a rep at Groupon for 8 years and as a self-professed makeup and beauty junkie, sparked the initiative and launched the Health and Beauty category of Groupon that works specifically with spas and salons.

She is a wealth of information on how you can craft your campaign and leverage your brand experience to create a deal that gets noticed by your ideal client and actually results in more clients through your door and on your books beyond their Groupon purchase.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Groupon works as a marketing tool and insights for how to make Groupon a driver of loyal clientele

  • Nora’s top tips for creating a winning deal that grabs the attention of the right people

  • The process of working with Groupon to run a campaign on their site and the biggest mistakes to avoid

  • How to leverage Groupon as a brand new business versus an established aesthetic practice

To connect with Nora and one of her fellow Health and Beauty team reps about running a Groupon deal for your aesthetic practice, connect with her at nora(at)

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