Becoming a 7-Figure Spa Owner and Spa Retail Rockstar with Amanda Whelband

One of the (many) reasons I love sharing stories of successful spa owners and solo aestheticians is that to grow to new levels; it helps us to see others who are already doing it.

Their stories of how they navigated the journey shows us what’s possible, and their lessons on how they stepped up their game serves not only as motivation, but invaluable insight we can invite into our own businesses.

When I talk about success with many solo aestheticians, the topic of six-figures comes up…

And then comes the talk of one day building a team and growing a spa to something that extends beyond solo, and six-figures.

Today I want to share the story of one of those aestheticians so that, yes, you can see what is possible and how she has built her successful business, but also get a crystal clear picture of the business savvy and mindset that is needed to reach this level.

And not only is she a successful spa owner, but I’m honored to have her as one of my Retail Rockstars who in a matter of just 2.5 weeks put in a killer effort and doubled her holiday gift card revenue from the year previous to win our Finish The Year Strong Contest.

This rockstar I’m talking about Amanda Whelband, the owner of Absolutely Fabulous Spa in Frisco, Texas, a wife and a mama.

She is a shining example of how you need to shift your mindset and wear your entrepreneur hat (instead of your technician hat…if you’re not familiar, you’ll want to read one of my top recs: The E-Myth) to build a successful and sustainable business.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The story of Amanda’s journey to starting her own spa and her top strategies for building up her clientele fast, which she still uses today

  • The winning strategies she implements with new leads to convert them into loyal clients

  • How she doubled her holiday gift card sales from the previous year in just 2.5 weeks, which led to her winning our Finish The Year Strong contest inside Spa Retail Rockstar

  • Why Amanda has embraced a membership program for her spa and the benefits it brings to her bottom line

References Mentioned in Episode #062: Becoming a 7-Figure Spa Owner and Spa Retail Rockstar with Amanda Whelband

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