Bundling Products for a Major Profits Boost

If you’ve ever worked within a medical aesthetics environment, you’re likely familiar with the concept of product bundling, but the reality is, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a day spa owner or a solo aesthetician, everyone’s profits can benefit from bundling!

As a spa retail sales strategist, I know that the most significant factor in building a spa to six- and seven-figures in revenue rests on retail, which is why you want to get your clients on board with retail from the get-go so that they’ll:

  • Begin to truly understand and experience the benefits of quality skincare products

  • And achieve the best results possible from their treatment, causing them to fall even more in love with what you offer  

However, you can’t just throw together some popular product and treatment pairings and call it a day…  

Like everything with business and more specifically, retail sales, there’s a strategy involved, and that’s what you’ll learn in this episode as I chat about the best ways to bundle products with treatments and how to properly present them to your clients.

As you’ll listen, you’ll learn how bundling products not only boosts your profits in the immediate here and now, but it also is helping to set the stage for client retention and future retail purchases.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

  • The key to getting your potential client onboard with an at-home care regimen

  • How product bundling can apply to non-medical treatments such as waxing, lashes, microneedling, and more

  • The long-term statistical benefits of product bundling for your new clients

  • Why it’s crucial to present your product bundles properly and provide options  

References Mentioned in Episode #063: Bundling Products for a Major Profits Boost

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