Gaining and Retaining Clients Through The Power of Email Marketing

We’ve got Facebook and Instagram, and Pinterest and Snapchat and YouTube…that list alone makes your head spin doesn’t it?

But what’s the one online hub that both you and everyone you know checks every day?

Your email inbox.

Sure, not every email may get opened, but it gets seen, and nearly every sender’s name and the subject line are scanned.

Which brings me to Exhibit A and B of why email marketing is certainly not dead, despite what some may tell you.

  • Exhibit A: Sending emails consistently keeps you in front of your audience of current and potential clients.

  • Exhibit B: Knowing how to craft emails that serve up the right person, at the right time with the right message will lead to more open rates and more open rates leads to deeper relationships, which lead to more revenue.

However, email marketing isn’t about sending an e-blast of your monthly promotions to every subscriber on your list ( refer back to Exhibit B).

With specific email marketing strategies in place, you can make your email service software do a lot of the heavy lifting for you so that you can secure more bookings, sell products, and retain more clients while you spend your time doing more of what you love in the treatment room.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to be actively list building for people who are both clients AND non-clients

  • The one email you need to send to every single person on your list

  • What automation tools you need to have in place to save you time and money plus my top tips for boosting your email open rates  

  • How to structure your email sequence and wording to funnel your clients toward your desired action

Resources Mentioned in Episode #069: Gaining and Retaining Clients Through The Power of Email Marketing

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