The History and Modern Day Power of Chemical Peels in Aesthetics

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One of the keys to being a true aesthetic expert isn’t just knowing the skincare science of today but also having a thorough comprehension of how the science has evolved in a way that supports the purpose of what we’re doing for our client’s skin.

Now, if you’ve been a listener of Spa Marketing Made Easy for a while, you’ve likely heard today’s guest on the podcast before and you know that our conversation can get kind of nerdy…

And if you’re a new listener, you’re in for a treat as you’ll get to learn from a true aesthetics expert (she’s the former AVP of Global Education at Skinceuticals ) as well as one of my dear friends, Nicole Simpson on a topic that she is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about: chemical peels!

In this episode we’re not only talking about how peels can create major profitability for your spa and skin clinic, we’re also diving deep into the history of chemical peels (you will not believe some of the things ancient cultures did in crafting the original peels), how the science of chemical peels has evolved to modern day and where Nicole anticipates this highly versatile and customizable treatment headed in the future.

Additionally, you’ll get a solid grasp on how you can begin communicating the powerful benefits of chemical peels to your clients and how chemical peels can support your existing menu of services.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The history of chemical peels and how ancient cultures created the original peels plus how they’ve evolved with science into modern times  

  • How chemical peels can act as a powerful profit booster for your clinic

  • Language you can use to communicate with your clients on how chemical peels work within the skin

  • Why proper chemical peel education is critical for client safety and managing expectations

  • Where the practice of chemical peels is headed in the realm of aesthetic science

References Mentioned in Episode #073: The History and Modern Day Power of Chemical Peels in Aesthetics