Offering Medically-Assisted Weight Loss in Spas and Aesthetic Practices with Sarah Tugender


As the healthcare and wellness landscape transforms and the already lucrative weight loss industry continues to boom, now more than ever, aesthetic professionals have the opportunity to marry their expertise and skills with services that exist to help their clients in the entirety of their wellness journey.

On today’s episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, you’ll hear from Sarah Tugender, on why everyone from medical practitioners to spa owners to solo aestheticians can capitalize on this growing trend and how to get started.

Speaking of how to start, Sarah became an expert in adding and marketing authentically aligned revenue streams in medical practices by diving in head first at her father’s practice.

After studying marketing and advertising at Boston University and being asked by her dad, a Boston-area OB-GYN practitioner, to evaluate adding additional services to his practice, Sarah quickly saw the seamless fit between what he offered along with preventative services, such as weight loss.

So, she took the idea and ran with it, helping to market and implement preventative services, including weight loss, into his practice, and the resulting success led to partnering with fellow practitioners and in the past decade has only continued to grow organically.  

Now Sarah consults with hundreds of practices and medical spas to add income to their business and speaks and trains on an international scale. Needless to say, she’s the leading voice on how we can leverage today’s healthcare trends and turn them into stable and sustainable sources of income and clients for our aesthetic businesses for years to come.

In today’s show you’ll learn:

  • How medically-assisted weight loss can seamlessly tie into a medical practice, medispa, or dermatologist office’s pre-existing services

  • A look into consumer behavior and psychology that supports building out these additional revenue runways

  • Why retail avenues in spas create an environment that’s poised for client success and loyalty

  • Sarah’s top tips for getting started with offering medically assisted weight loss into your services and retail menus and how to build strategic service packages

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