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EP 004: Offering Medically-Assisted Weight Loss in Spas & Aesthetic Practices

products Apr 24, 2019

As the healthcare and wellness landscape transforms and the already lucrative weight loss industry continues to grow, now more than ever, aesthetic experts have the opportunity to marry their skills with services that exist to help their clients in the entirety of their wellness journey.

This opportunity is precisely what today’s guest, Sarah Tugender, helps her clients capitalize on by creating a natural and authentic line of revenue to practitioners, spa owners, and estheticians.

In today’s show you’ll learn:

  • How medically-assisted weight loss can seamlessly tie into a medical practice, medispa, or dermatologist office’s pre-existing services
  • A look into consumer behavior and psychology that supports building out these additional revenue runways
  • Why retail avenues in spas create an environment that’s poised for client success and loyalty
  • Sarah’s top tips for getting started with offering medically assisted weight loss into your services and retail menus and how to build strategic service packages
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