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EP 010: Is Being a Solo Aesthetician the Right Fit for Me?

leadership mindset Jun 01, 2019

Maybe you crave the freedom to set your own schedule.


Perhaps you want to have the choice of what protocols and products you use with your clients, or you want all the perks you’ve heard about being your own boss as a solo aesthetician.


No matter the reason, there’s no doubt that operating as a solo aesthetician comes with a variety of benefits, but one thing our industry tends to not shine as much of a light on is the behind-the-scenes.


The reason being: sometimes the behind-the-scenes isn’t as desirable or “sexy” as what you see paraded as the benefits of being your own boss.  


Now don’t get me wrong, these less-than-desirable things don’t make being an entrepreneur any less of an excellent choice, it just makes for one that should be thoughtfully considered before taking the leap into operating as a solo aesthetician.




Because not everyone is cut out to run their own show or take on the endeavor of entrepreneurship.


That’s why in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m sharing some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on my path in building a business as well as the key factors you’ll want to think long and hard about before taking the leap as a solo aesthetician.


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • Why the spa industry lends itself well to branching out on your own using your unique skill set
  • The pros, cons and major lessons you’ll learn as a solo aesthetician
  • And the three questions you need to consider to decide if being a solo aesthetician is the right fit for you, your goals, and your circumstances


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