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EP 016: The Key Traits and Practices to Become a Successful Spa Entrepreneur

leadership mindset Jun 01, 2019

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?


Traditionally speaking, an entrepreneur is someone who owns their own business, which if you own a spa or operate as a solo aesthetician, would mean that you’re an entrepreneur!


But even if you work as an employee for a spa, and don’t necessarily have aspirations to run your own show, the insights shared in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy will still apply because as you’ll see, every successful spa expert needs to possess these key qualities to achieve their definition of success.


After all, as an employee, you still have sales goals to meet and client bookings to fill, right?


So, as long as that’s the case, there’s always room for improving our entrepreneurial traits in skills, and this episode will help you do just that.


Today I’m joined by my good friend, Nicole Simpson, an aesthetics industry educator, aesthetician, international speaker, and most recently the AVP of Global Education for SkinCeuticals.


She’s traveled and worked in more than 37 countries educating on the skin, cosmeceutical science, as well as on business development and social media for aesthetics clinics around the world.


And as a co-founder of Aesthetic Influencer, an aesthetics education and support company created to provide the aesthetics industry with resources for business and social media growth, Nicole remains at the cutting edge of the aesthetics world to carry out her mission of elevating and supporting the industry she loves.


(You may also be familiar with her as she is one of the panelists from the Aesthetic Marketing Seminar I hosted in San Diego this past spring!)


In this episode, we discuss which qualities every skincare and spa entrepreneur needs to have and develop to build sustainable success on your terms.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:


  • Why it’s critical to define your vision for success and how that aligns with the journey you take to achieve it
  • The purpose of “starting with why” and how to find your “why”
  • How your “why” and purpose helps you overcome entrepreneurial roadblocks the steps you can take to cultivate your why further and have it drive the actions you make in your work
  • What a successful entrepreneur’s mindset consists of and the consistent attributes between successful entrepreneurs
  • How understanding your own personality and perspective allows you to shape your journey to success


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