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EP 039: Introducing Cryotherapy Into Your Spa’s Services

products Jun 01, 2019

Over the last couple of years, we’ve experienced a rise, one that I believe will only continue to increase, in the cross-over between wellness and spa.


After all, going to the spa in addition to being a method for maintaining healthy skin, is also a form of self-care to achieve relaxation and rejuvenation that benefits our clientele both mentally and physically.


With that increasing crossover has come the emergence of cryotherapy in the spa setting.


You may have heard of this referred to as “cryo” or “cold therapy,” and as my guest on today’s episode explains, you can think of cryotherapy as the evolution of the ice bath, but with more science.


In its rise in popularity, cryotherapy has been primarily utilized by the athletic community to aid in muscle recovery, however with its ability to increase blood blow to the tissues, create collagen, and tighten skin, as well as provide a perk-up to the central nervous system, cryotherapy can also make for an exciting add-on to heighten and expand your existing menu of spa services.


In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m talking with Chad Finnegan, the founder of IMPACT Cryotherapy, the leading cryotherapy chamber manufacturer in the US about all things cryotherapy in the spa setting.


We’re discussing both how the concept of cryotherapy can fit into your spa to the actual physical outfit of building out a cry unit in your space to how you can effectively and efficiently recoup your investment.


I think you’ll find that this is a pretty cool modality (pun fully intended) that could open up your spa to a variety of new possibilities.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • What is cryotherapy and how it’s being used across the health and wellness and athletic industries plus how cryotherapy is merging with the world of spa


  • How cryotherapy works and its benefits the body and the skin


  • Why cryotherapy can be an ideal fit for spas both due to its physical space requirements and how it can fit within your existing menu of services


  • What the investment in cryotherapy looks like and what a spa owner can expect in seeing their return on investment


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